Welcome, Ladies!
Hot Polka Dot is a clothing and accessories boutique and lounge for women. Unlike retail stores, we are open by appointment or invite only. Our event calendar is featured below. We host both public and private events. If you wish to book a private event please fill out the "Request a Private Event" form and if you wish to simply join a current even on our calendar please fill out an RSVP form.

Hot Polka Dot Open House - Our most common event. Simple open house party to show off our fashion and hang out. We will open our bar, set out some snacks, play some upbeat music and try on LOTS OF CLOTHES. All ages are welcome, must be 21 to drink.

Girls Night Out
- As awesome as it is, even we, the staff of Hot Polka Dot, get tired of sitting around the lounge so we made this event as an excuse to go out and have fun with our customers. And lets be real, getting ready for a night out can be just as fun and exciting as the night itself. Here is the plan: everyone meets at the Hot Polka Dot lounge. We pick out some sexy, fun, confidence-boosting outfits then we go out and live it up at chic downtown bars. Must be 21 and over to attend this event. 

Mother-Daughter Event - While we do love to party, we also cherish family time so we created this event to give mothers and daughters a chance to bond over fashion. This event is open to all ages and not strictly mother-daughter pairs. Bring your favorite female relative and shop with her. Use it as a time to catch up on life, try on fun outfits, give each other suggestions.  

Event Calendar
Date Time Type of Event    Event Status
Sunday, June 2nd 2pm - 6pm Open House

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